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By Madison S.

Hoof Hydrator

"Will forever continue to purchase this product!

My horse had not so long ago had his shoes taken off and is now barefoot in work, this stuff has done nothing but good things for his feet recovery!"

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By Tahlia

Hoof Beehave

"Amazing! Within 24 hours the thursh was gone!

I cleaned my Mares hooves, applied Hoof Beehave with the pop sticks getting into all the crevices, turned her out. Came back the next evening, cleaned her hooves and there was no thrush to be seen!"

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By Lydia J.

Leather Conditioner

"Have love the leather conditioner! The product was an easy consistency to apply to my boots and saddle, left them looks like new and protected for another winter!"

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About Buzz Balms

Hello! I'm Hilda, creator of Buzz Balms and Cal is my husband and keeper of our hardworking girls over at Honey Buzz Apiary.

Being a horse mad environmental scientist, naturally my first beeswax balm was the Hoof Hydrator; a hoof balm with a high beeswax content to hydrate, seal and protect my pony, Blaze's hooves.

I didn't want to make just another balm or product. I wanted to make a business focused on bee-ing the change I wanted to see. Buzz Balms is focused on reducing waste and avoiding plastic in its production.

Another key focus is supporting Australian producers first. Aside from the coconut oil we use, every ingredient is Australian. A cornerstone of our business is to build lasting relationships with other Australian producers to ethically create quality Australian beeswax products for our customers.


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