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We're the faces behind Buzz Balms - Hilda and Cal, a couple from Brisbane, QLD Australia. She was an Environmental Scientist and he a hard working Trady turned Bee Keeper.

Hilda grew up a typical horse-mad girl purchasing her first horse, Rommie (the big bay on the left) at age 16.

Cal grew up with horses competing in Western Performance and later became a Sunshine Coast cowboy riding rodeo in his late teens. All while keeping bees under the guidance of two commercial bee keepers.

It was meant to bee...

Fast forward past the bar where girl meets boy, wedding bells and a few years to a fridge full of beeswax from Cal's girls at Honey Buzz Apiary. Add in the chestnut to the right, appropriately named Blaze, experiencing reoccurring abscesses for months and Buzz Balms' first product the Hoof Hydrator was created.
After researching the amazing properties of beeswax and little success using various other products, Hilda set about making the beeswax based hoof balm... and it worked! Blaze hasn't had an abscess since using Hoof Hydrator even after the 2022 Brisbane floods!

Hoof Hydrator was just the start. Frustrated with the amount of plastic packaging and imported products in the equestrian industry, Hilda set about bee-ing the change she wished to see and so Buzz Balms was born. Buzz Balms aims to provide all natural, Australian made and owned plastic free products for equestrians and the whole family.

Our products are tested on us, yes even the Braid Bee-have, and on Blaze! We choose Australian ingredients over imported. We also focus on ethical and environmentally conscious decisions in the running of our small business such as using compostable mailers, reusing existing packaging and purchasing from local makers like our Adora-bee scrunchies made by Maddy also in Brisbane. Our lip balm and braid balm labels are also compostable!

Our vision is to continue to create environmentally conscious products that allow our customers the choice to bee part of the solution.

Thanks for reading! - Hilda and Cal

Bee keeper holding a frame of brood

He's a keeper!

A beekeeper that is!

Callum started beekeeping at the early age of 13 under the guidance of two commercial beekeepers. His buzzing enthusiasm for the bees and their honey is what lead to the name of Honey Buzz Apiary.

After completing two trades he found his passion remained in beekeeping and has continued to expand his hives over the last few years.

Together he and I have trialled and tested our beeswax products to make the everyday a little more bee-utiful. 

Without Cal taking care of the girls, we wouldn't have the beautiful beeswax found in our products.

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