Bit Butters - what, when & why?

Are you unfamiliar with bit butters? Have you always wondered what on earth are they, where do you apply them and why even use them? Well we've got the answers!

Let's answer the first question, what exactly is bit butter?  Buzz Butter is an all natural moisturizing balm made from beeswax, cocoa and mango butters, coconut oil and olive oil flavoured with peppermint oil. We use only extra virgin oils so the maximum skin loving nutrients make it into our balms. Put simply, bit butters are horsey lip balms! They're a-ok for your pony to lick and swallow just like our human lip balm.  

*side note: Buzz Butter does indeed make an excellent lip balm for you as well - as long as you don't mind sharing with your horse ;) *

Before you head off to give your pony a pucker worthy amount of bit butter hold up! It's a bit cheeky (lol) but bit butter isn't always applied to the bit! Often bit butter is smeared on the corners of the mouth where the bit creases the lips or where the noseband crosses the horse's sensitive lips and muzzle. Have a look at the photo below and notice where the bit and noseband crease or cross the lip and muzzle area. These are the areas to focus applying a bit butter.

Where to apply bit butters?


Why you ask?

Well, being highly moisturising Buzz Butter can prevent rubbing caused in these areas from bits or nosebands, especially for sensitive skinned horses such as chestnuts. Bit butter is also particularly useful when using a double bridle or when starting a young horse.

That's not to say that bit butter can indeed be applied to the bit. If desired, apply a small mount of bit butter to the underside of the bit to improve acceptance and salivation. 

The extra benefit to using Buzz Butter is that peppermint oil has traditionally been used to relieve mental and physical tension so may also aid in relaxing tense horses during work.  

Can it also treat issues of the mouth?

If your horse has callouses, dry skin or cracks around the mouth area, bit butter can certainly aid in moisturizing and softening the area. However, bit butter is not a solution for a poorly fitting bit or noseband. It is an aid to help the horse be comfortable in its work. We *highly recommend* getting a bit fitting to have your horse's mouth properly measured and fitted. We also recommend testing bit butter on a small area prior to first use to ensure no irritation occurs. 

What if you don't use a bit?

Bit butter can still be a useful tool in the tack box for small cuts/abrasions etc. that horses can sometimes acquire in the paddock. Overall it's a great moisturiser for any rubbed areas. 

We hope this has demystified bit butters! Purchase your Buzz Butter here.

Shameless plug - Our Buzz Butter is 100% natural, Australian made, palm oil free and packaged in reusable and recyclable aluminium tins. Buzz Balms is focused on creating sustainable toxin free products. We thank you and value your support <3

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