Why Beeswax?


Beeswax is produced by the worker bees aged between 12 and 18 days. Wax is secreted by special glands on the abdomen of the bee. These wax scales are collected by the bee's hind legs, transferred to the mandibles for mastication then applied to the comb.

Bees consume about 7kg of honey to produce 1kg of wax.

Beeswax is an incredible all natural substance with some amazing properties. Here are some of our favourites!

The Beautiful Benefits of Beeswax


Beeswax naturally contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. This aspect alone has seen it used as the active ingredient in many balms, creams and wound salves.


Being 100% natural and produced by the bees, beeswax is a toxic and plastic free alternative to many product ingredients.

Waterproofing Agent

Beeswax is naturally a fantastic sealant and waterproofing agent which in turn makes it a powerful ingredient in products such as moisturisers.


While having no certain nutritional benefits, beeswax is safe to ingest making it the perfect ingredient in products such as lip balms.

Never spoils

Beeswax has trace amounts of propolis, a substance produced by the bees with powerful antibacterial properties. This is thought to be the reason why beeswax does not spoil. Did you know beeswax has even been found in antient tombs?

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