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Equine and Pet Shampoo Bar

Equine and Pet Shampoo Bar

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An all natural plastic free alternative to liquid soaps, this shampoo bar will not only save you space but also save you money as each bar replaces approximately two bottles of shampoo. Use in conjunction with a sisal exfoliating soap saver bag to store to wash your horse, dog or donkey with. As with all shampoos, avoid contact with eyes. 

Available in:

NEW Vanilla Charcoal - Looking for a detoxing all natural shampoo bar? This delicious vanilla scented charcoal bar is perfect for gently removing impurities from the coat while stimulating the skin. May help with hair regrowth and create a shinier coat. 

NEW Rosemary and Cedarwood - Made with the nourishing addition of hemp seed oil, this bar is the total coat and mane rejuvenator. Perfect for use on areas that have have been rubbed as the natural oils are well known for stimulating hair growth. 

Tea tree and Lavender - We recommend this for horses suffering from itch. The combination of lavender and tea tree essential oils gives both a soothing and antiseptic aspect to wash time.

Hemp and Peppermint - For extra hydration this refreshing bar is packed full of nourishment along with soothing peppermint essential oil. Not going to lie, this one is our favourite 😉

Whitening Lemongrass - Before synthetic purple shampoos, I'm sure you can recall the sunlight soap hack, which worked wonders in whitening those dusty tails and white socks. However unlike sunlight soap, our whitening bar is completely natural with the fresh scent of lemongrass essential oil known to calm the mind and skin. It too, works wonders on more stubborn stains and white hairs. 

Tea tree - Made with tea tree essential oil this is an excellent mild treatment shampoo bar useful for any skin irritations or to provide a clarifying clean to coats. 

Watermelon Sorbet - Made with French pink clay and watermelon fragrance not only does this shampoo bar smell good enough to eat, but the French pink clay is very gentle on sensitive skin. Along with the nourishing oils, French pink clay is known to act as a treatment for the coat. 

Mojito (Orange and Peppermint) - An incredibly refreshing shampoo bar that you both will enjoy. 

Rose Geranium - An excellent one for mares! Rose geranium boasts antibacterial and soothing properties for the skin. The scent is divine creating a calming wash time. 

Lavender and Rose Geranium - The ultimate relaxation shampoo bar made with lavender and rose geranium essential oils. This shampoo bar is excellent if you feel like you both need a little extra calm at bath time.


100% Australian handmade in Kleinton, Queensland.

100% Palm Oil Free. 

In purchasing this shampoo bar you're not only making a greener choice but supporting local Australian artisan makers. Thank you!

Base Ingredients: Coconut oil, olive oil, rice bran and castor oil, sodium hydroxide, demineralised water. 
Bar is 100g

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