What's a circular economy and how are we contributing?

With the increasing awareness of both consumers and producers on environmental sustainability most of us have become pretty familiar with certain buzzwords (hah!) Think all the REs: recyclable, renewable, reusable… etc etc.

While there is a lot of nuance and complexity behind the concept of environmental sustainability it can be largely simplified by something called the circular economy model.

But what is a circular economy you might ask?

Well, it’s the circle of life... 


But on a more scientific note, by definition, a circular economy is a model of production and consumption which aims to keep materials, products and resources in circulation for as long as possible. This is achieved through sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, repurposing and recycling existing materials, products and resources (and all those buzzwords you know so well!)

So why is the shift to a circular economy so essential?

What goes around, comes around my friends.

A reduction in waste and the circulation of current resources reduces the pressure on landfills which are large contributors to climate change. This also reduces the need for continued harvest of natural resources and the creation of products such as plastics. Fundamentally, a circular economy aims to eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials and regenerate the environment.

Ok cool, but how is Buzz Balms contributing to a circular economy?

Our Packaging

We're committed to packaging our products in Hero Packaging's compostable mailers and hex wrap, or recycled cardboard boxes which are frequently reused from a package we've received ourselves. We also use compostable labels for shipping and for labelling some of our products. These are certified compostable and contain no micro-plastics (you’d be surprised where you can find them hiding).

Products such as our Kiss My Beehive Lip Balms and Braid Beehave are packaged in carboard push tubes. While our other equestrian balms are packaged in aluminium tins which are either infinitely recyclable or the perfect size to reuse as a handy storage container for braiding gear, clips and the like. Similarly, our honey is packaged in glass jars which can be cleaned and returned for refilling or used for, well, almost anything (food storage, drinking vessels, salad dressing shakers… the list goes on!)

Basically, our packaging is recycled, recyclable and reusable. We keep that circle spinning round!

Our Products

In addition to our balms being made from all natural ingredients, our range of handmade shampoo bars and soaps are completely free of plastic packaging making a great alternative to single use liquid shampoo and soap bottles. Their paper labels are recyclable effectively meaning our shampoo and soap bars are completely zero waste! You can feel good knowing they contain no harsh chemicals, they're a cleaner alternative for the planet and completely palm oil free.

Our one and only plastic product, the funky Hooked Shower Combs, are made from 17 plastic bottle caps that would have otherwise ended up in landfill to exist for the next few hundred years. It was not-for-profit group, Precious Plastic Margaret River, who started the initiative to create useful products from plastic bottle cap waste. We loved this initiative so much we knew we had to make them available to our wonderful eco-conscious customers!

Buzz Balms - plastic free products


Our Beeswax

A crucial ingredient in all of our balms is our beeswax; which is sourced locally or onsite by our very own beekeeper, Cal. This equates to reduced carbon emissions and we can personally ensure it is harvested ethically and sustainably. 

Essentially our primary business focus is to create positive change for the environment and those in it. At no point (lol) do we prioritise plastic or profits over our environmental ethics.

Thank you for keeping that circle spinning!

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