The Best Ecofriendly Equestrian Gifts under $300

So you’re not sure what to get your Equestrian this Christmas? Lucky you, we've compiled our Top 10 Equestrian Products under $300 to help you out! Best of all, we’ve personally selected our gift ideas focusing on ecofriendly Australian small businesses with products primarily made in Australia so you can be confident that your purchase is helping your Equestrian, their horse and also the planet.

Top 10 Equestrian Gifts under $300

  1. Buzz Balms Ultimate Show Bundle - This has everything your Equestrian and their horse will need for the year ahead from hoof care, grooming, braiding and riding they will be set with our all natural handmade products. Our products are also plastic free with our beeswax sourced directly from our very own hives. Did we mention the bundle also qualifies for free shipping? 
    From $95.

  2. Custom Matching Halter, Lead Rope and Neck Rope from Wild Rider Equestrian - If your Equestrian loves a touch of customisation and matchy matchy, this gift is for them! Design your own halter, lead rope and neck rope set from a large selection of rope colours, designs, buckle finishes and customised name poppers. We can attest to the quality of Emma's handmade rope products, they are a must for every Equestrian!
    From $150.
    Custom Rope Halter Set

  3. EKP Leatherwork Custom Bag - Gift your Equestrian a custom equine inspired leather handbag/wallet or the like handmade by Emily. Her work often incorporates leather reins and other equestrian pieces into her one of a kind bags and so much more!
    EKP Leatherwork

  4. Equisk Steady Hands Riding Gloves - This training aid is designed to improve your Equestrian's hand position and rein contact. The gloves themselves are also beautiful quality for every day riding!
    Only $109.
    Equisk Steady Hands

  5. Matching Saddle Pad, Bonnet and Polo Wraps from Aurora Equestrian - Help your Equestrian ride in comfort and style with a matching saddle pad, bonnet and polo wrap set. This one is for all the matchy matchy obsessed Equestrians. Designed on the Sunshine Coast.   
    From $200.
    Aurora Matchy Matchy

  6. KPC Custom Leather Douglas BeltEveryone needs a belt, and the one belt we can’t go past is this one. I mean the hexagon pattern (!) how could we not love it! Handmade in South Australia this belt is truly a timeless piece.
    From $245.
    Douglas Belt

  7. Mega Muscle Builder Pack from Precision Equine Support your Equestrian's horse as they prepare for the new competition season. Made from human grade ingredients right here in Brisbane, Precision Equine products provide the horse with all the essentials for muscle growth and recovery.
    Only $156. 
    Precision Equine

  8. 100% Organic Hemp Horse Rug from The Natural Horse Rug Company - Keep your Equestrian’s beloved horse cool and protected this summer with an organic Hemp Horse Rug. The first of it's kind, this rug is  cool and comfortable for your horse and reduces your carbon hoof print as hemp is well known for being carbon negative, aka sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. 
    From $210.
    Hemp Horse Rug

  9. Equine Pen and Ink by Running Duck Studio - Your Equestrian will cherish an original pen and ink drawing by Danielle B Latta who has worked for the renowned Walt Disney! Her art beautifully captures many equine scenes your Equestrian will enjoy for years to come.
    From $100.
    Equine art

  10. Collective Equine Therapies Scoot Boots - If your Equestrian is barefoot obsessed, then a pair of Scoot Boots will be the perfect gift for them. Best of all, Collective Equine Therapies have the cheapest Scoot Boots on the market and are experts on fitting them! As fellow hoof fanatics, we love an affordable option to support barefoot horses. 
    From $275.
    Scoot boots

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