Top 3 Equestrian Summer Essentials

We’ve narrowed down the top 3 essential products you and your horse need this summer!

With temperatures already rising and rainfall visiting less frequently, we’re all feeling the start of a dry El Nino summer. To keep your horse comfortable and healthy, we’ve narrowed down our top 3 Summer Essential Products.

#1 Hoof Hydrator

Horse hooves require a certain level of moisture to stay healthy and strong. When conditions are dry, the hooves can become brittle and prone to cracking or splitting. A beeswax based hoof balm like the Hoof Hydrator, can prevent the effects of dry conditions by moisturising and sealing the hoof from losing additional moisture. You don’t want to be caught without it this summer!

How to use: Hoof Hydrator can be applied to the entire hoof including the sole and frog. First, clean the hoof ensuring the hoof is dry before applying. Using a brush, sponge or even your fingers, apply the balm to the whole hoof. That’s it!

Top tip! During very dry conditions we recommend applying the hoof balm 3 times per week.

Applying Hoof Hydrator Hoof Balm to a hoof


#2 Shampoo Bar

Not only are our Shampoo Bars completely plastic free, palm oil free and Australian Made, they also smell amazing! You can choose from a wide range of scents including moisturising hemp and peppermint, soothing lavender and rose geranium and even mojito, plus many more. Pair your Shampoo Bar with a sisal soap saver bag and you’ve got a super easy, no spill, no mess shampoo for the wash bay. It’s an essential for those sweaty summer rides.

How to use: First wet the horse’s coat, pop your shampoo bar in the sisal bag and wash using the sisal bag to lather up the bar. Then simply rinse the horse and shampoo bag after use, hanging it up to air dry.

Top tip! Shampoo Bars are also perfect for ‘spot cleaning’ particularly sweaty areas such as where the girth, saddle and bridle sit. Spot cleaning in this way can also conserve water compared to washing the whole horse.

Plastic free shampoo bar being used on horse in a creek


#3 Buzz Butter

Buzz Butter is an all natural peppermint flavoured bit butter. But did you know bit butter isn’t just for the bit?! Horse muzzles are highly sensitive and just like us, some horses suffer from drier skin than others. Dryness, especially in hot summer conditions, can lead to rubbing on the muzzle from the bit or tack. Because Buzz Butter is highly moisturising it can prevent rubbing of these sensitive areas. The added benefit of peppermint oil is that it can improve bit acceptance and has traditionally been used to relieve mental and physical tension.

How to use: Before riding take a pea sized amount of balm and warm between your fingers. Then apply to the corners of the mouth and underside of the bit.

Applying Buzz Butter Bit Butter to horse's mouth


Armed with these 3 essential products, we wish you and your horse a great summer! 

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