The Best Ecofriendly Equestrian Gift Ideas under $100

So you’re not sure what to get your Equestrian this Christmas? Lucky you, we've compiled our Top 10 Equestrian Products under $100 to help you out! Best of all, we’ve personally selected our gift ideas focusing on ecofriendly Australian small businesses with products primarily made in Australia so you can be confident that your purchase is helping your Equestrian, their horse and also the planet.

Top 10 Equestrian Gifts under $100

  1. Buzz Balms Ultimate Equine Hoof Bundle - No hoof, no horse as they say, so set your Equestrian up right with the only two hoof products they’ll ever need, the Hoof Hydrator and Hoof Beehave. The bundle will last them months and their horse’s hooves will be in the best health!
    Only $50.
    Ultimate Hoof Bundle

  2. Buzz Balms OG Bundle Deal - Since every Equestrian has a horse and leather, set them up with our top two OG Buzz Balms products, our Hoof Hydrator and Bees Knees Leather Balm. You can't go wrong with this duo!
    From $38.
    OG Equine Bundle

  3. Custom Thrive Knotless Halo Halter by Wild Rider Equestrian - A handmade knotless rope halter with beautiful nose piece detail. Did we mention you can customise your halter from a large selection of quality rope? They are simply divine!
    From $54.95.
    Knotless halter

  4. Engaged Rider Resistance Bands by Equisk - Help your Equestrian take their riding to a whole new level with resistance bands to engage and strengthen the correct muscle chains while riding. 
    Only $99. 
    Rider bands

  5. Aurora Equestrian Base Layer - Stay sun safe and stylish this summer in the Australian Designed base layer. Choose from a range of timeless colours to suit every Equestrian. We can also personally atest to the quality and durability of these base layers. 
    Only $80.

  6. The Stable Co. Luxe Gift Box - Spoil your Equestrian with a seasonal subscription box packed full of rider essentials to try.
    Only $89.
    Stable Co. Box

  7. The Eventing Physiologist’s Online Rider Fit Classes - Motivate your equestrian to reach their riding goals sooner with a subscription to Equestrian Specific Fitness Classes. They can access the classes from anywhere!  
    Only $89.95.
    Rider fitness

  8. Snaffle Bit Cuff by Cavallo Collections - This elegant Australian designed cuff is available in silver, gold or rose gold. Complete any outfit with a subtle Equestrian flare. 
    From $64.95.
    Snaffle Cuff

  9. EquiCare Subscription - Give your Equestrian the ultimate management platform for horse owners with a years subscription to EquiCare. Never forget an appointment or date again!
    Only $60.
    EquiCare App

  10. Hemp Fly Veil by The Natural Horse Rug Company - Gift the ultimate summer essential, a hemp ultra fine mesh fly veil. This fly veil is made from sustainable and carbon negative organic hemp with multiple options for ear and nose attachments. Our horses love them! The fit is roomy too. 
    From $39.99.
    Hemp fly veil
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