Beekeeper Cal's Top Tips for beekeeping

Our beekeeper and Buzz Balms' greatest supporter, Cal, shares his top tips for beekeepers! Hopefully some of these might be useful for you on your beekeeping journey. Here are Cal's top four tips: 

1. Find a mentor. A mentor is invaluable when you first start beekeeping. Books, Facebook groups and YouTube videos are all great sources of information but they won't teach you how to handle your bees or point out eggs and larvae on your own frames. 

2. Use a mesh bee suit. Personally these are a lot cooler than cotton and because they're made of three layers if you get a tear in one layer the suit is often still useable. 

3. Get yourself a sweat band. Make that two! Seriously this is a total game changer. Working bees is often hot work. A sweat band keeps your hair and sweat from getting into your eyes. 

4. Skip the manual extractor. It is 100% worth your money to start off with an electric extractor over a manual one. Not only is this more efficient, it will save you a lot of elbow grease in the long run. 

Enjoy the journey! For those here for the honey, purchase your raw honey here



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