Applying a Hoof Balm

How do you get the most out of a hoof balm?

Follow our 3 easy steps to getting the most out of your Hoof Hydrator! 

Step 1: Clean 

Start by cleaning your horse's hooves thoroughly. Use a hoof pick to remove any dirt and debris. This ensures the balm soaks into the hoof. 

Step 2: Apply 

Take a small amount of Hoof Hydrator and warm it up between your hands, or you could use an applicator sponge, hoof brush or even an old sock! Remember, a little goes a long way! Apply to the entire hoof wall, including the sole and frog. Start from the coronet band and work your way down to the bottom of the hoof. 

Step 3: Absorb

Allow the hoof balm to dry and absorb for a few minutes before turning your horse out. Easy!

Top Tips & Tricks!

To maintain healthy hooves, repeat the application process regularly. The frequency may vary depending on your horse's individual needs and the environmental conditions they are exposed to. 

We recommend applying Hoof Hydrator at feed time and immediately after a farrier visit to get the most out of an application. 

Another top tip is applying Hoof Hydrator before rain! It may seem counterintuitive, but the sealing properties of beeswax not only helps to keep the moisture in during dry periods, but also prevents over saturation of the hoof during wet periods. 

Remember, proper hoof care goes beyond just applying a quality hoof balm. Regular trimming, balanced nutrition, and regular exercise are also crucial for maintaining optimal hoof health.

By following these simple steps and incorporating Hoof Hydrator into your horse's hoof care routine, you can ensure strong, healthy hooves that will support your horse's overall well-being.

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